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Bernie Scullion, Landscape Designer - Little Green Spaces
Bernie Scullion, Landscape Designer

My inspiration for garden design began when I arrived in Australia some 20 yrs ago when I was immediately smitten by the remarkable flower & fauna. From coastal Banksias, to showy Grevilleas, cheerful Callistemons and graceful Eucalyptus flowering gums to name but a few! Unique to Australia, we have some great little national treasures growing in our own backyards!

Upon relocating to Melbourne from Sydney some 10 yrs ago, I worked in residential landscape design for a several years before entering the commercial sector working for commercial landscape architects in Carlton. This professional environment developed my CAD, Photoshop and illustrator skills, my attention to detail and my ability to work to tight deadlines.

As my passion for more natural and sustainable garden design developed, I started my own Landscape design business utilising my knowledge of native plants and sustainable construction practices.

Where possible, I use native and indigenous plants that are beautiful yet drought tolerant, helping and enhancing Mother Nature's own amazing work.

Increasing water restrictions and climate change requires a proactive design approach, incorporating recycled, reclaimed and locally sourced materials into my designs and encouraging water tank installations, composting, growing fruit and veggies and keeping free range chooks for fresh eggs, encouraging self reliance and taking back some of our independence! I have a genuine desire to help people utilise their outdoor space better and to
encourage gardening and the health benefits that it provides us.